Hello,here is just a little taster of what I will be doing in live performance soon,as its time I was back on the road..

Hopefully there will be a few surprise's and a good time will be had by all. The video is in Mpeg format and will take a little while to download or you can click here for windows asf format file Video Here
Thanks To Helen for filming this and I hope to add more very soon...
Heres a song called old men,with just acoustic guitar for accompaniment.
Old men Windows asf Format

To get the GlassCage album this song is on visit this site
You can buy on line by creditcard...

Click here> Video to Download the video
MPG Video fast connections
only or for slower connections
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Yep,still hanging around in bars,do visit the Way-Out,its well worth it and you will feel comfortable there.Its a good place for a first time out and the entertainment is very,very good.

Vicky Lee and friends are sure to give you a warm welcome,well they did when I went there with Joy and Joanna recently.
There is food available though I did not try anything from the menu and its just the place to take your partner as well,you can or just sit and chat if you like.If you get there early enough there is a free drink as well for Trannies..


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