Joys First Video
and also see if you can spot a familar face or to in this other video
River Bends
Diana plays solo piano

Well its nearly the end of the first Quarter of the year 2000,and so far not a lots changed. I managed to get through a very nasty depression last year and I am functioning well.
Though I am definitely getting a bit wrinkly now!!! But even so I thought I would stick a new picture,(trying to look vaguely intelligent)so here it is.
What have I been up to recently, well I am making a new video for one of my songs which will be on the site very soon, and my friend Joy will be staring in that so I hope you will enjoy it.
Which leads me to another question ?
Why are there not more Tranny video clips on the web,considering how vain a lot of us are.
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Check out what our not so mysterious blonde says here


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I need some lyrics, Do you want to be in a video,no girls not that sort of video
Music,Humor,maybe a bit of a story !!!

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Joy and myself just after finishing a video session
I put this on the page because I just like this Photo.
Joy will be appearing in more video soon.

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